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michele gillen


Your voice and feedback is most important to Michele. If you have a story that needs to be investigated or shared reach out to her.



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Michele Gillen

Chief Investigative Reporter and

Host of Focus on South Florida


8900 NW 18th Terrace

Miami Florida 33172


Direct phone : 305-639-4610


Mindful Meditation


The Secret of Mindful Meditation. From corporate boardrooms to the NBA locker room, many are testing an emerging antidote to stress and it's silently sweeping the nation while being documented by scientists. At the heart of the matter is the human mind and the key to unlock it may be just a breath away. Michele takes you on a journey that begins with the mantra "just breathe".





Outstanding in the FieldMichele's report  captures the mouth watering face ofa gastronomical movement that in South FLorida had guests dining, side by side, with goats. At the heart of this menu is the serious business of organic farming and sustaining local farmers. Everything at this breathtaking feast is grown naturally and within miles of Hani Khouri's Homestead goat farm. Michele serves you up a seat a the table.




Sonia's Ring - 11 Ways to Heal Your Heart. Join Michele for a most unusual love story. At it's heart is an unwritten bond between a husband and wife that if anything happened to either one of them, they would communicate through their wedding ring. The tragedy of 911 hurled one family into a nightmare but  because of the passion and perserverence of a daughter - the world will now discover the miracle - of Sonia's ring. 




Drug Subs on the High Seas. It’s a dangerous and daring hot pursuit on the high seas. The  US Coast Guard chasing and confronting the newest and most illusive weapon of  drug traffickers – private  submarines. Michele tracks down the undersea vessels and turns up as authorities haul to shore cocaine valued at $120 million dollars on the streets.




Speaking for The Dead. She's a Forensic Scientist who walks on the dark side to unravel crimes that make for nightmare. Dr. Emma Lew. Her face is rarely seen as she works in the shadows. For Michele, she exclusively pulls back the veil to bring light to a passion and career that has her speaking for those who no longer can.






michele gillen


Michele Gillen served as Chief Investigative Reporter and Anchor of Focus on South Florida, at WFOR-TV, the CBS owned and operated station in Miami, Florida.

Michele is well recognized as an anchor and investigative reporter on network and local television news for over two decades. She is the recipient of 38 National Academy of Television Arts and Science (NATAS) Regional Emmy awards, the Columbia DuPont Silver Baton, the Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting and three Green Eyeshade Awards. She has been honored by the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television, including being chosen as the television journalist whose investigations most benefited and helped change the lives of American women.

Based in Miami at WFOR-TV for nineteen years, Michele has traveled the world to expose and bring unique perspective to critical stories and newsmakers of our time. Her reports include rare, exclusive one-on-one interviews with Libyan Strongman Colonel Moammar Gadhafi, Afghanistan President Hamid Karszai and Haiti’s former President Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier during his exile in France.

Michele’s work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The O'Reilly Factor on Fox and The Huffington Post.

Her investigation Invisible Chains is an expose into human trafficking and modern day slavery in America and across the globe. It prompted her to organize and produce the first of its kind international conference in South Florida to fight human trafficking and was held at St.Thomas University in Miami.

Her 15- part series, The Forgotten Floor, exposed the warehousing of the mentally ill in the Miami-Dade County jail. It has been credited for triggering landmark change in how the mentally ill are treated in some of America’s jails and prison system and is a training tool used by judicial colleges and law enforcement.

Her 10- part series Secrets In The Soil captured the life and death drama families were facing living on contaminated soil. Michele’s reports were credited with stopping the proposed construction of a school next to one of the country’s most toxic superfund site. For this, Michele received the Community Advocate of the Year Award from the Legal Aid Services of Broward County in 2010.

Michele’s Rome based investigations into the paralysis and deaths of young Italian soccer players from Lou Gehrig’s disease and a potential link to the environment led to her organize the first ever medical summit to address the mystery. Her search for answers triggered global research by a team of the world’s leading neurological scientists.

Before joining WFOR-TV in 1997, Gillen worked as an investigative reporter for KCBS -TV in Los Angeles. She was a featured investigative correspondent on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and news magazines Exposé and Dateline NBC.

While working for NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Michele conducted a four-month investigation of substandard mammography equipment which was credited by members of US Congress with helping to trigger the creation and passage of the first federal law setting national standards for mammography.

One of Michele’s passions is to provide family court judges and first responders with tools to help children victimized by child abuse, human trafficking and trauma. She founded which has provided teddy bears to thousands of children from South Florida to Haiti.

Michele graduated valedictorian from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor of Science in Speech.



Not in My House - Homeless Gay Youth. To the surprise and shock of much of the nation, Not in My House exposed a secret and heartbreaking crisis for 1000's of American gay youth. For months, Michele walked and filmed South Florida streets and met in the shadows with LGBTQ youth  whose nightmare of being thrown out of their homes because of their orientation. Falling through the cracks at younger ages than ever before, this report continues to spark powerful reaction and calls for change and help, locally and nationally.



Out of Stock. Drugs save lives. This Expose reveals how shocking drug shortages are putting lives at risk. CBS4's Chief Investigativor Michele Gillen digs for answers into what she finds is a national crisis and personalizes a nightmare that has mothers, fathers, and children fighting against time, the drug industry and U.S. Policy. 





Brain On Drugs. On a hot spring day, world attention was focused on Miami as a naked man attacked a homeless man and chewed off his face. As international headlines screamed  "cannibal attack"Michele pulled back the veil on this horrific act with one of the world's noted experts on the human brain and the potential impact of drugs on the brain. In a world exclusive Dr Debra Mash dissects the case and the potential reasons behind the attack and others across America.




Environmental Investigations

Sharks:Mirror of Mankind. At the heart of this investigation is a world exclusive interview with a scientist on the cusp of making global headlines with pioneering research linking the shark and toxins found in the human brain. CBS 4's Chief Investigator Michele Gillen reveals clues connecting   those toxins and chemicals found in the brains of humans suffering from dementia, alzheimer's, and Lou Gherigs Disease.




The Florida Ibis.  Michele tells the story behind  headlines that criss crossed the globe. They read "has the Florida Ibis gone gay?" In his his first ever TV interview, Michele goes one on one with the  scientist behind an experiment that may offer clues to the impact of chemicals on the environment, our bodes and the health of all living things.






Journey to the Sea with Fabien Cousteau. Journey to the waters edge and beyond with Fabien Cousteau. Meet the facincating ocean explorer on his home turf as Michele explores a largely invisible threat in the ocean that could be served up on your dinner plate.






International Investigations 


One on One with Gadhafi. Colonel Moammar Gadhafi, the man who  ruled Libya for more than three decades and was once labeled the most dangerous man in the world, agreed to a rare television interview with Michele  at his Tripoli compound, following his decision to give up weapons of mass destruction. Click here to see Michele's journey to Libya and investigation into a man the world knew little about.  Michele's other exclusive international  interviews include meeting with Haiti's deposed former President John Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier in France during his exile and Hamid Karszai of Afghanistan on a most historic day.