Mindful Meditation


The Secret of Mindful Meditation. From corporate boardrooms to the NBA locker room, many are testing an emerging antidote to stress and it's silently sweeping the nation while being documented by scientists. At the heart of the matter is the human mind and the key to unlock it may be just a breath away. Michele takes you on a journey that begins with the mantra "just breathe".





Outstanding in the FieldMichele's report  captures the mouth watering face ofa gastronomical movement that in South FLorida had guests dining, side by side, with goats. At the heart of this menu is the serious business of organic farming and sustaining local farmers. Everything at this breathtaking feast is grown naturally and within miles of Hani Khouri's Homestead goat farm. Michele serves you up a seat a the table.




Sonia's Ring - 11 Ways to Heal Your Heart. Join Michele for a most unusual love story. At it's heart is an unwritten bond between a husband and wife that if anything happened to either one of them, they would communicate through their wedding ring. The tragedy of 911 hurled one family into a nightmare but  because of the passion and perserverence of a daughter - the world will now discover the miracle - of Sonia's ring. 




Drug Subs on the High Seas. It’s a dangerous and daring hot pursuit on the high seas. The  US Coast Guard chasing and confronting the newest and most illusive weapon of  drug traffickers – private  submarines. Michele tracks down the undersea vessels and turns up as authorities haul to shore cocaine valued at $120 million dollars on the streets.




Speaking for The Dead. She's a Forensic Scientist who walks on the dark side to unravel crimes that make for nightmare. Dr. Emma Lew. Her face is rarely seen as she works in the shadows. For Michele, she exclusively pulls back the veil to bring light to a passion and career that has her speaking for those who no longer can.